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List of our associations

SA Mobile Shredders is constantly working at building associations with companies that matter. Below are links to companies that we either have a formal association with or with whom we co-operate in business.

DocuFile | Document management specialist

Efficient document management is essential in today's competitive enterprise. This is why Docufile is providing a comprehensive consulting and management service.


Docufile offers a one-stop shop for all your document management solutions, from electronic high retrieval solutions to low retrieval archival storage, including off- and on-site document and data storage solutions.


Remade Recycling| Waste Management

The Remade Group is a member of the Institute of Waste Management and very active in the war against waste. The Corporation has numerous established recycling centres, purchasing recyclable material, creating income opportunities for thousands of people all over the Gauteng area.

Remade Recycling is also the sole trading partner in the supply of recyclable paper to Sappi`s Gauteng Waste Paper division. With solid infrastructures and good relationships with suppliers, our business units are in a position to handle large volumes of recyclable material, including paper, plastic, glass and metal.

Whole Earth | Recycling Company

Whole Earth is a company, which aims to make recycling as easy and hassle-free as possible. By upholding our core values of honesty and reliability we are able to provide homes, complexes and offices with a great service second to none.